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Under the Covers, Vol. 7

Under the Covers, Vol. 7

Under the Covers Vol. 7

Last week’s edition of Under the Covers was put together by our writer, Rob, who always puts a different and excellent spin on what we do here at Electric Mohawk.  This week, I’m back home from a coding adventure in Iowa and have some new covers ready for the chopping block.

Weezer – “Unbreak My Heart” (Toni Braxton)

“Unbreak My Heart” is a single released in 1996 by Toni Braxton from her second album, Secrets. Weezer’s version appears their 2010 release Death to False Metal.

Original Version

Cover by Weezer

Which is better?

Secretly, deep down, I used to really like the original version of this song. So much emotion and feeling! I gotta give this one to the Weez, though. The song, lyrically, actually fits Weezer, especially older Weezer. Like their cover of the Pixies “Velouria”, Weezer went in a creative direction of their own for instrumentals that breaks the mold of the original. Well done.

Kyle, if you’re reading this, thanks for introducing me to this fine cover!

Massive Attack – “Man Next Door” (John Holt and the Paragons)

“Man Next Door”, also known as “I’ve Got to Get Away” or “Quiet Place”, was written and performed in 1967 by John Holt and the Paragons. Multiple covers of this song have sprung up, but today, we look at the cover by Massive Attack featuring Horace Andy on vocals.  The cover appears on Massive Attack’s third studio album, Mezzanine.

Original Version

Cover by Massive Attack

Which is better?

I dig the original version of this song, though short, but Massive Attack’s approach is darker, moodier, and completely transform the original into something better. Massive Attack gets my vote.

Hot Chip – “She Wolf” (Shakira)

“She Wolf” is the title track and first single from Shakira’s third english-singing album. Hot Chip has a cover of the song floating around on the internet (YouTube).

Original Version

Cover by Hot Chip

Which is better?

When I first saw this show up in a YouTube search… I couldn’t take it seriously, and curiosity ensued. Once the song kicked in, my thoughts were “what the fuck?”, but in a good way. I’m not the biggest Shakira fan, so that add some bias to my choice, but the Hot Chip version has a great retro 80s feel to it and is quite catchy! Woof!

One could argue that Shakira’s version has the same 80s vibe. This may be true, but her goat yodeling kills the mood. She’s one of the few where I prefer autotuned vocals better, sort of.

AFI – “Halloween” (The Misfits)

“Halloween” was released in 1981 by the Misfits as their fifth single. The original single includes “Halloween” as the a-side and “Halloween II” as the b-side. AFI’s version appears on their 1999 release, All Hallow’s EP.

Original Version

Cover by AFI

Which is better?

Like any Misfits cover from the Danzig era catalogue, the covers seem to be more polished and cleaner than the originals. For some reason, I was never sold on shitty lo-fi sounding Misfits.  AFI, though, has always pleased me with their covers, as they’ve drawn lots of inspiration from the artists they do cover on occasion.

I decided to cut this version of UTC one song short this week. I’ll make it up next week with six songs instead of the usual five. Tune in next week, kiddos!

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