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Tesla Boy: The Mixtapes

Tesla Boy: The Mixtapes

Tesla Boy

Tesla Boy’s new wave sound for the modern age brings a fresh perspective on sounds of old, and has never disappointed me.  What’s surprising, though, is their remix and mixtape work goes in a completely different direction, compared to their current catalogue.  Rather than hearing synth heavy sounds and dark moods, what we instead come to experience is a blend of disco, 80’s pop, and funk that you’d typically hear in the discotheques of yesteryear.  It’s one of those interesting directions that electronic and dance music are currently moving toward in parts of Europe  (prime example: Mullet Records and Casio Social Club). Am I saying this is going to be the next big thing? No, not really, but I find it fascinating nonetheless that musicians are taking singles from the past that would be otherwise forgotten by upcoming generations and adding a new spin to them.  Who in my age demographic or younger listens to Bill Ocean, anyway?

This series of mixtapes is exactly what I am talking about.  The first mixtape from Tesla Boy, one created about a year ago for New Years’ includes samples from Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen”, and a number of other buried gems that are now being re-discovered and dissected.  Enjoy these mixtapes, and the nostalgia that surrounds them!

Tesla Boy New Year Mixtape


Tesla Boy March 2011 Mistape


Tesla Boy May 2011 Mixtape


Tesla Boy Mixtape 4


Tesla Boy Mixtape 5


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