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Review: Senses Fail – Renacer

The English translation of the word “renacer” is “to be reborn.” That said, Senses Fail couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate title for their fifth full-length album. Renacer is different in almost every way when compared to their previous work. Lyrically, this album is their most “happy” … it’s not an album full of songs about substance […]

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Half Hearted Hero – Whatever

Well, here is my first album review of 2013. This one I was REALLY excited about, as they are arguably my favorite “up and coming” pop punk band right now. I absolutely loved their full length (Defining. Refining) and latest EP (Running Water), so this new release was high on my list of most anticipated […]

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Hostage Calm – “Please Remain Calm”

  Hostage Calm’s last album was good, not great. It had some jams on it, such my personal favorites “Ballots/Stones” and “Rebel Fatigues”. However, this album is going to be the one that propels the band to new heights. They’ve always been a band about progression, and it seems as though they’ve found their niche […]

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Dead Sara – “Dead Sara”

When I first heard Dead Sara on a local metal/hard rock radio station, I was caught off guard. I don’t listen to any nu-metal anymore, but when I was channel surfing, I couldn’t help but stop when I heard this band. The song was “Weatherman” by this band called Dead Sara, who I’ve never heard […]

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State Champs – Overslept EP

  Here we have a new release from pop punkers, State Champs. Now, to be honest, I’ve sort of strayed away from the ‘new’ pop punk scene recently, but I’m always open to checking out bands that have been getting some praise like these guys have with this EP. Right away, I was unimpressed. The […]

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The Offspring – Days Go By

I was very skeptical before I listened to this. The Offspring will probably go down as one of my all-time favorite bands, as not only do they have some of the best early pop punk albums ever, but they paved the way for so many bands after them. However, their musical style and direction has […]

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Hawthorne Heights – Hope EP

I absolutely hate the term “emo”, but Hawthorne Heights has always been the poster child for that genre. Throughout most of their discography, you’ll find a lot of dark lyrics and just downright haunting songs… but things seem to take a different turn on this release. I won’t use the word “poppier” to describe it, […]

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Pennywise – “All or Nothing”

Pennywise. No, not the clown. I’m talking about one of the most popular and influential punk bands in punk rock. But if you’ve never heard of them, let me give you a little history lesson. They are one of the very first bands credited with starting the whole “it’s cool to listen to punk music […]

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Fun. – “Some Nights”

I was never hugely into Fun., however there was a lot of hype surrounding this release so I decided to give it a whirl. So let’s get into it. After a very “Lion King” sounding intro song, we head into the title track “Some Nights”, which is not only my favorite song on the album, […]

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No Trigger - Tycoon

No Trigger – “Tycoon”

Back in late 2010, the hardcore punk band No Trigger released this video, announcing that they were getting back together to write a new record. Before this, their last full length album (Caynoneer) takes us all the way back to 2006 so at this point, fans of the band were just dying for new material. […]

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