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Such Gold / A Loss For Words Split

Such Gold / A Loss For Words Split


Such Gold / A Loss For Words Split

Two of my favorite “up and coming” bands decided to get together and create a 4 song split (each band contributing 2 new songs). For those unfamiliar with the bands, Such Gold is pop punk with a hardcore edge. Watch their music video “Sycamore” for a general idea of their sound. A Loss For Words is a pop punk band who’s expanded their sound to give off a slight 90s alternative vibe. You can read my review of their new album No Sanctuary here. Two summers ago I actually saw these bands on tour together in Milwaukee at the world’s tiniest venue (Transit was also there). A Loss For Words was the headlining act.

The first two tracks are by Such Gold. “Scoreboard” already might be one of my favorite songs by them. Such Gold has always been more technical than a lot of bands in the genre, and they don’t change anything on this track. This song offers tons of moments for the crowd to shout at the top of their lungs. Catchy and loud, just how I like it.

WE DON’T NEED A COACH, to recognize what matters most!
WE DON’T NEED A BOOK OF PLAYS, to construct security!

“Backyard” also features some of the same good guitarwork, but is the weaker song in m opinion. The breakdown (or bridge, or whatever kids are calling it these days) is AWESOME however, and will induce mosh pits.

“America Needs A New Sweetheart” is the first song by A Loss For Words. You can immediately the difference in style when this one starts. It’s an upbeat song, but not heavy in the sense that Such Gold is. Matty proves once again that he’s got the best voice in pop punk right now, and it might not be close. “Thomas vs. Luongo” gives off more of a pop-rock vibe that I mentioned earlier. Both songs are infinitely catchy… I would have liked to see these on their full length opposed to the one or two songs I wasn’t a big fan of. Oh well, at least they were released.

Listen to “Scoreboard” by Such Gold.

Listen to “America Needs A New Sweetheart” by A Loss For Words

Rating: ★★★★½ 

*Yes, the rating is high, but it’s taking into account that it’s only a 4 song release and every song is good*

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