Soulsavers and Dave Gahan – Intimate Set at Capitol Records

Soulsavers and Dave Gahan

Photo courtesy of Chris Young for The Register.

Earlier this year, the English production duo Soulsavers teamed up with Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan, who provided lyrics and vocals for the group’s fourth studio album, The Light the Dead See. Now you can watch this exclusive video of Soulsavers and Gahan performing an intimate, 30-minute concert at the famed Capitol Records building in Los Angeles this summer.

Now, you can catch the entire set below.

Soulsavers and Dave Gahan Setist:

  1. Presence of God
  2. In the Morning
  3. Bitterman
  4. Just Try
  5. Take Me Back Home
  6. Tonight
  7. Gone Too Far

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