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Seahaven - "Winter Forever"

Seahaven – “Winter Forever”

Seahaven - Winter Forever

What an appropriate album for me to be listening to right now as today brought the year’s first snowfall (ughhh). Anyways, this is a band I have never been exposed to previously so I was kind of excited to listen after reading of Balance And Composure and Crime In Stereo comparisons.

I definitely got the indie-punk vibes immediately in the opener “Goodnight”. Not quite sure how I feel about the vocals, they have a subtle accent to them. “It’s Over” is a much harder hitting song and reminds me of early 2000s alternative rock. “Slow Down” has a very awkward rhythm throughout, but the fast vocals during the chorus are one of the highlights on the record. “Understanding” has an ultra catchy hook and is possibly the best jam on the record.

As I got deeper into the album, I also noticed a resemblance with bands like Hostage Calm and (new) Title Fight. If that style of punk is your thing, then I would highly suggest checking out this album. We also see the band in full pop punk mode on “Save Me”… in a Park or Northstar kind of way. Okay, I’ll stop with the band comparisons, six is more than enough.

The downfall comes with the acoustic song, “The Honey”. When an album has only 10 songs (and it’s this genre), I don’t like it when one of them is ballad-y or acoustic. Just a weird personal preference, I guess.

Chances are if you’re reading this review that you listen to or at least know of many of these bands I have mentioned. Seahaven is obviously influenced by a lot of different styles of punk and indie, so give ’em a shot, you won’t be disappointed. This is a REALLY good first full length.

Listen to “It’s Over”:


Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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