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Popeska -- Karmameter

Popeska — Karmameter

Karmameter Official Album Artwork

Back in July I wrote up a quick synopsis of Popeska as an artist, and showcased just a few of his many free tracks from his soundcloud. That article was sparked by the announcement by none other than Wolfgang Gartner himself, that he had signed the budding artist to his Kindergarten label.

Monday marked Popeska’s first official release not only on Wolfgang’s label, but on any label, ever. This is a huge landmark for the 19 year old producer, and he was certainly more than  excited to share it with the world. His facebook read:

“I put so much love into every song I put on there, and today I’m putting out 4 new songs that I put just a little extra love into. This is my first official release ever, as well as the first release ever on Wolfgang Gartner’s label Kindergarten Recordings, so needless to say I’m absolutely giddy right now.”

And for good reason too, because these songs are undoubtedly bigger, better, and much more rich than anything he has previously put out.

Karmameter consists of four songs, the first, and ultimately best off of the EP is the title track. True to the Atlanta producer’s style, this song has a soft, melodic buildup that quickly transitions into the heavy, yet extremely catchy basslines that Popeska is good at. Listening to it, I pick up on a few samples he has used in his free tracks, but this time they are remixed, remastered, and used much more strategically. The pure effort that has gone into these tracks over their predecessors is clearly audible, and I believe him when he says there is a little “extra love” inside the Karmameter EP.

Next up, Popeska partners up with Wolfgang on a track, and it pays off huge. I would not be surprised if I didn’t start hearing this one at shows starting very soon. The song stays very true to the dirty electro sound he is known for (or is soon to be known for). This song has also been remastered by Gartner, and it unsurprisingly contains to pounding bass thumps that he is famous for, combined with Popeskas fast passed style.

The final two tracks have a much more progressive house feel, and feature two talented female vocalists that add to his music unlike I have previously heard. These two songs, while not necessarily my favorite, give us a sense of Popeska’s versatility as an artist, and could easily be considered “better” by another listener.

All in all I thought this was a solid first release for an up and coming producer. I feel that Popeska still needs to break out of his shell and add slightly more variety to his tracks. Every artist has a style, and I am undoubtedly a fan of his, however it would be nice if I could hear something truly brand new. BUT, keeping in mind that this is meant as his first official release, and something to put him on the map, this EP should have the stock “Popeska sound”.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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