julien-k - Kick the Bass

Handpicked: julien-k – Kick the Bass

Take the band Orgy, add some pop and additional elements of electronic music influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode and The Chemical Brothers and you get julien-k. Created by former Orgy guitarists Ryan Shuck (vocals, guitar) and Amir Derakh (guitars, synths), the band is the juxtaposition of Orgy post-Vapor Transmission, where the opposing direction […]

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The Normal - TVOD

Handpicked: The Normal – Warm Leatherette

“Warm Leatherette” is the b-side to the only single ever released by Daniel Miller, using the alias The Normal.  The song is significant for a number of reasons; first, it’s an excellent example of early Industrial and Gothic music. Second, the release of the single “TVOD” (Television Overdose) that features the song was the gateway […]

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Arctic Monkeys - The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

Handpicked: Arctic Monkeys – The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

Honestly, I haven’t heard much from this band, other than catching their set before the Foo Fighters the Sunday night of Lollapalooza. I was really impressed with their live show, and the song “The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala”. It really stuck out and turned me into a fan of the band, which is why I picked […]

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SOiL - Re.De.Fine

Handpicked: Soil – Redefine

I’m not the most vocal about some of my metal and heavier rock tastes, but they do exist. One day, I got the idea to revisit some songs by the band SOiL. I’ve always enjoyed them instrumentally and vocally. Today’s song of the day comes from SOiL’s third album, Re.De.Fine. and is the title track from […]

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George Michael - Careless Whisper

Under the Covers, Vol. 8

Last week we were graced with a special version of Under the Covers from filmmaker and director, Erik Cieslewicz, who put together a compilation of covers by Tetrastar. This week, we resume the traditional path with some unearthed covers of some great songs. Seether – “Careless Whisper” (George Michael) “Careless Whisper” is a 1984 single […]

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Fireworks - Gospel

Fireworks – “Gospel”

  Fireworks has been my favorite pop punk band for some time now. I got into them in the summer of 2008, starting with their EP, We Are Everywhere, which I still consider to be my favorite EP ever. They really emerged as one of the top bands in the genre with their first full length […]

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David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time

Handpicked: David Lynch – Noah’s Ark

Abstract and creative is how I would initially describe film director David Lynch’s entrance into music. His debut album, Crazy Clown Time, is an aural adaptation of the otherwise visually imaginative world Lynch’s mind often escapes to. His song, “Noah’s Ark”, attracted my attention right away. I dig it, even if the lyrics are minimal. It’s […]

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The Bolivian Marching Affair

Free Downloads: The Bolivian Marching Affair (TBMA)

Newcomers to the scene in 2011, The Bolivian Marching Affair are already making some noise in the scene. Formed by Joey Fisher, Kyle Meagher and Chris Curran in the winter of 2010, this Boston based trio have been hard at work in the studio since day one, working on their signature sound that has already […]

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Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen

Free Download: Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (Tesla Boy Edit)

Tesla Boy have been showing up on my Facebook feed lately with a lot of new music and remixes coming out, which is very exciting news! The latest offering is a free edit of Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen”  by Tesla Boy. Enjoy this tasty nu disco 80’s treat!

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The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright

Handpicked: The Offspring – The Kids Aren’t Alright

I think at one point in time, a person reflects on those they grew up and went to school with.  They meditate on how much the people around them have changed, or even died unexpectedly. It’s a very haunting and sometimes depressing thing to ponder.  Every time I hear the song “The Kids Aren’t Alright” […]

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