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Handpicked: Thomas Dolby - Road to Reno

Handpicked: Thomas Dolby – Road to Reno

Thomas Dolby - A Map of the Floating City

*Editors Note: It seems that this post didn’t go out yesterday when scheduled, so there will be a second handpicked post after this one. Sorry about that!

A Map of the Floating City is the latest release from Thomas Dolby. Who the hell is Thomas Dolby, you ask?  He’s the man behind the 80s hit “She Blinded Me with Science”, released in 1982. No, today’s song is not that particular one, but it does come from Dolby’s latest release. Out of curiosity, I decided to give the album a listen to see what Dolby has been up to over the years. Very much to my surprise, I was very impressed with the album all around, but the song “Road to Reno” in particular struck me as most compelling. Instrumentally, it’s a slice of cheerful Americana sounding tones, and the lyrics match that, except when they take a twisted turn toward the end…

And when love was not enough
They just put their faith in God
So the writing on the wall
Like the mountains of the moon
And when all the love ran out
He went out and bought a gun
And he took it to their room
And he filed the number off
And he blew them both away
To the mountains of the moon

Completely unexpected, and maybe it’s because I don’t know Dolby’s style well enough. Either way, great track.


Not sure how long this video will last. Boo to EMI for being lame and not letting the community introduce others to awesome music!

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