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Fireworks - "Gospel"

Fireworks – “Gospel”


Fireworks - Gospel

Fireworks has been my favorite pop punk band for some time now. I got into them in the summer of 2008, starting with their EP, We Are Everywhere, which I still consider to be my favorite EP ever. They really emerged as one of the top bands in the genre with their first full length in 2009, All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion. I’ve always compared them slightly to New Found Glory, but with their own definite style. Gospel was one of my highest anticipated albums in a long time and it did NOT disappoint.

From the start, you can tell it’s going to be full of those patented Fireworks riffs. Always annoyingly catchy and equally as cheesy, there’s just something about their guitar work… even the tone, that is a distinct sound you only associate with this band. The first major standout for me was “X’s On Trees”. One of my favorite choruses the band has ever written (which is saying something) – very bouncy, catchy, perfect pop punk:

Coming up has got me down again,
Coming up has got me down again!
You push me away,
You push me away,
But I feel alright.
If time was on my side, then the clocks would say,
I’m sorry.

We also see the band try some new things vocally, with a huge emphasis of some lovely “oooohs” in “We’re Still Pioneers”. I love how these guys can make something so overly cheesy, yet it’s something you have no shame singing along to. They’ve also explored some new styles of songwriting with “Teeth” (poppier, slow song) and “I Am The Challenger” (acoustic). I definitely give these guys props for trying new stuff, and making it work to their style. This record is much more diverse than their first full length as you can already guess.

“Summer” was the first track the band released to the public before the album came out. This is the Fireworks we’ve come to know and love. Awesome, straight up summer pop punk anthem. They keep the volume cranked with “Life Is Killing Me”, another upbeat rocker with a Fireworks flavored riff.

“Paintings of Paul Revere” is my favorite song on the record and quite possibly my favorite song this band has ever written. Everything about it is perfect in my eyes. It’s one of those songs that you find new things you love about it with each listen. You can tell at the start with the buildup of guitar, drums, and “whoaaa ohhs” that  you’re about to hear a monster of a jam. It’s a song about the past, and the things you want to remember from it.

The past has something I want to kiss in the rain.
Then get back in my car and never let it happen again.
(But you still think about it everyday)
The past has something I want to kiss in the rain.

We were sitting on gold,
I could feel it in my toes.
No one’s to blame, had to walk away.
I still think about it every day.

“I Locked My Time Capsule” is the the weakest song in my opinion, it gives us nothing memorable and is a usual skip for me. But it ends on a super high note with “The Wild Bunch”, a great choice for a closer.

“We all grew up weird enough, to laugh at how we used to be!”

Overall, Fireworks have made an absolutely GREAT pop punk record. In fact, as of now it’s the best record in the genre this year. They’ve developed their sound and progressed as a band, writing a much more mature record, while still staying the same band. Keep an eye out for these guys, they’re just realizing their potential.

Music video for the opening track, “Arrows”:

Rating: ★★★★½ 


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