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First Listen: Depeche Mode - So Cruel (U2 Cover)

First Listen: Depeche Mode – So Cruel (U2 Cover)

AHK-toong-BAY-bi Covered

Today, I got the opportunity to listen to some of the covers on a tribute album released for U2’s seventh album, Achtung Baby called AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered.  My reason for excitement was getting to hear something new and fresh from Depeche Mode, even though it’s a cover.  For the tribute album, Depeche Mode contributed a cover of the song “So Cruel”.  Here’s my initial thoughts on the song…

First off, I am really happy to hear something new from Depeche Mode, in case I hadn’t mentioned it. Depeche Mode is one of my favorite artists and have been an influence on a lot of the music I listen to today. My problem is… this song doesn’t really seem to fit the Depeche Mode ethos, nor is it really one of their better works. Unlike a number of the devout, I can easily say that I don’t like everything that Depeche Mode puts out.  This cover is decent, in my opinion.  In their defense, I will say that they shouldn’t have covered this song. How the hell does Snow Patrol get to cover “Mysterious Ways”?  I think Snow Patrol would have done “So Cruel” better than Depeche Mode… and as for “Mysterious Ways”… I think Depeche Mode would have totally rocked it.  Perhaps some time travel and a flip flop of who gets to cover what song is necessary. 😉

Take a listen for yourself, tell me what you think.  I’ll post a review of the rest of the song a la Under the Covers.

Editor’s Note: To clarify with some of the emails I have received lately, I completely support the initiative for the release of this album. For those unaware, proceeds for this cover album (on iTunes) go to the Concern East Africa appeal. Electric Mohawk supports humanitarian initiatives (and so should you).

For more information, please check out these articles from Concern Worldwide: East Africa Urban Food Crisis and U2 Cover Album “Ahk-toong-Bay-bi” to help East Africa.


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